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Software Testing with Java

This is a free online course by the award winning Blue Sky Citadel.

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Free Online training …

It is an extensive FREE online training
every Thursday at 8pm10pm starting from Thursday 31st May 2018.



2018 07 19 #25 Selenium with Cucumber with Step Definition II


2018 07 12 #24 Selenium with Cucumber with Step Definition I


CLASS 7: BDD with Cucumber


Class 6: Walkthrough of Cucumber Setup 2: POM, TestNG, TestRunner detail description

10. Selenium


9. Download Chrome Driver

Chrome Driver


8. Sample Runner:


7. Sample POM


6. Sample Testng.xml:


Class Videos:

CLASS 5: Setting up Cucumber with IntelliJ and Maven


Class 3: Manual Testing Techniques with Microsoft Test Manager

Class 2: Manual Software Testing Test Techniques


Class 1: Introduction to the course and manual testing



Software Testing books[5309302].PDF




It is an extensive online training every Thursday at 8pm10pm starting from Thursday 31st May 2018. — APPLICATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR THIS CLASS!!!


At the end of the training, the successful students will be enrolled in a practical internship programme for 5 weeks. Check the video of our previous classes:

Planned Sessions

  • 2-Session Introductory Optional Manual Testing starting from 31st May 2018
  • 8-Session Automation Testing starting from June 14th 2018
  • 5-Week Internship
  • 2-Session Java for Testers
  • 2-Session API session using Postman / Restful
  • 1-Session SQL for Testers

Registration closes on the 20th May 2018

Please use a laptop when filling the form as we found out that the application form is not displayed properly on some mobiles.

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We plan to do two classroom workshop on June 30th for setup and another after the training to showcase what you learn under the guidance of some tutors. The date for the workshop will be confirmed during the training.

Note that only registered students will be allowed to attend the classes.

Planned Contents:

Two optional pre-sessions Manual testing and


Automation Testing

CLASS1-2: Selenium & Cucumber Introduction
Test Driven Development (TDD)
Cucumber & Behavior Driven Development
Gherkin – Business Driven Development
Set Up Cucumber with Selenium in Visual Studio & Junit
Cucumber Basics
Cucumber Feature File
Gherkin Keywords
Step Definition File
Running Test in Safari browser
Running Test in Chrome browser
Running Test in IE Explorer
Internet Explorer Driver Server

CLASS3-4: WebDriver Commands
IWebDriver Browser Commands in JAVA
Browser Navigation Commands in JAVA
WebElement Commands in JAVA
FindElements Commands in JAVA
Check Box & Radio buttons in JAVA
Drop Down & Multiple Select in JAVA
WebTable Handling in JAVA


CLASS5-6: Locators & XPath
Use Of Browser Inspector
FireBug & FirePath
HTML Locators
Element Locator for WebDriver
XPath Helper Plug-in for Chrome

CLASS 7-8: Switches Alerts & Windows
Implicit Wait Commands in Selenium JAVA
Explict/Smart Wait Commands in Selenium JAVA
Switch Commands in Selenium JAVA
Different types of Alerts
Handling Multiple Windows
Handling IFrames using WebDriver

CLASS 9-10: Selenium with Page Object Framework
Set Up Project for Selenium Automation Framework in Java
PageFactory in JAVA
PageFactory CacheLookup
Optimizing Page Object Model
Encapsulate Selenium Page Objects
Data Driven Testing
Data Driven Testing in Cucumber
Data Driven Testing Using Examples Keyword


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2018 07 26 #27 Selenium with Cucumber III

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